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Back-lit, diffused, refracted, reflected, or otherwise, this gallery includes images that, more than anything else, are about the "search for the right light". While often found at sunrises or sunsets, the best images here capture an unusually beautiful light, or light that is rendered in a unique. colorful, or special way by reflection, weather, or perspective, as examples.
Soft Light, Dusk, Big Bend NPRose Dawn, Driftwood, Atlantic Ocean, Jekyll IslandSunrise, Backlit Grasses, Outer BanksAbstract, Sky, Sea and CatamaranGlacier Bay, AlaskaA room with a view, Cape Cod (1985)Blue Ridge Forest, Early Morning Light, Asheville, North Carolina (1985)Sunrise, Grand Tetons (II)The Old Pier at N Myrtle Beach (1975)Abstract, Sky, Sea and CatamaranCholla Steel Grey Sky, Organ Pipe Cactus Nat'l MonumentHeavy Clouds, Storm Brewing over the Rockies, ColoradoWhite Sands Sunset, New Mexico