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Images from US and Canadian National Parks and National Monuments, as well as some iconic Navajo lands in the West. From Denali in the NW to Dry Tortuga offshore Florida in the SE; and from Organ Pipe Cactus Nat'l Monument in the SW to Acadia in the NE.
Denali Park Road, Mount McKinleyMt McKinley (Denali)Polychrome Hills, Denali NPMosse, Denali Nat'l ParkMt McKinley, Mirror Lake, Denali NPMargerie Glacier, Glaciier Bay NPTranslucent Water, Seagulls, Glacier Bay NPMisty Fjiords Beauty from the Air, AlaskaKilauea Lava Flow, Ocean Steam, HawaiiKilauea Lava Flow, Ocean Steam, HawaiiLife Begins, Old Lava Flow, HawaiiWaterfall Scarf, Jasper National Park16 Pointer, Jasper NP, CanadaMoraine Lake Mirror, CanoesSnow Capped Mountain, Larch Trees in Fall Color, Icefields Parkway, AlbertaBacklit Firs, Mountain; Icefields Parkway, Alberta, CanadaDawn, Icefields Parkway, AlbertaSunrise Sky, Jagged Peak, Icefields ParkwayWaterton Lakes, Prince of Wales HotelCalm Waters, Sunlit Clouds, Waterton Lake