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Driving west from San Antonio, I-10 rises through the Texas Hill Country, then drops again into the Chihuahuan Desert. Broad vistas reveal distant sky-islands of mountain ranges, many speaking to their volcanic origins. The Big Bend of Texas beckons. Out here, a peaceful quietude exists. One of the true "dark sky" spots in the US, "the stars at night, are big and bright" because you truly are deep in the heart of Texas.
Big Bend National Park, the scenic River Drive in Big Bend Ranch State Park, Davis Mountain State Park, Guadelupe Mountains National Park, the big salt flat near Cornuda…. and the roads and towns in between … all hold a special beauty.
Soft Light, Dusk, Big Bend NPMesquite at Sunset II, Davis Mountain State Park, TexasRio Grande Sunset from the BIg HillLife on the Rockface, Along the Windows Trail, Big Bend NPInside the Canyon, Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend NPSanta Elena Canyon , Waters' Edge, Big Bend NPEl Capitan and Reflections in Salt Flats, Guadelupe Mountains NPEl Capitan, Guadelupe Mountains NPMadera Canyon Overlook, Big Bend Ranch SPSunset I, The Window, Chisos Basin, Big Bend NPFall Grasses, Cactus, Casa Grande; Big Bend NPLighted Fall Grasses, Big Bend NPBig View at Big Bend, from Lost Mines TrailVolcanic Remnants; Ash and RhyoliteThe Mule Ears at Dusk, Big Bend NP