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Humpback whales bubble-netting, bull moose and grizzlies, seals and seagulls, Alaska offered some amazing wildlife shots. And we were so fortunate on our last morning bus ride out of Denali NP that the clouds had lifted overnight and we were treated to a clear view of Mount McKinley. Only then could we see the full size of this mountain which has the greatest vertical base-to-peak relief (~18,000') of any mountain in the world!
Denali Park Roak, Mount McKinleyMt McKinley, Mirror Lake, Denali NPMt McKinley (Denali)Margerie Glacier, Glaciier Bay NPTranslucent Water, Seagulls, Glacier Bay NPGlacial Lake, Mistty Fjiord National MonumentLand, Sea, Ice: Glacial Scenery, AlaskaHumpbacks Bubble-netting, Juneau AlaskaHumpbacks Bubble-netting, Juneau AlaskaBeaded Pearls on Fern, Denali NPEarly Morning Rise, Inside Passage, AlaskaMoulin, Muldrow Glacier, Denali NPPolychrome Basin Detail, Denali NPWing-tip and Mountain Top, Plane trip over DenaliPolychrome Hills, Denali NP