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As one travels westward and north into the Texas Hill Country, farms and rolling green hills transition into ranches and higher drier land. Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush lead an explosion of color in Spring, accentuated by the Big Sky which can put on a show in any season.
3x5 (50x30)2x3 (45 x 30... or 50x33.5)2x1 (55x27.5)2x12x1 (55x27.5)2x1 (55x27.5)2x1 spot Scurv2x12x1 (55x27.5)best 1.8x1 file 2978best 1.75x1 file 29782x3 spot Skybest 2x3 file 29782x1 wSky S-curv2x3 S-curv2x32x11.75x1 (55x31 scaling?)