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The small towns of Texas are a treasure trove to the past and a testimony to living a simpler life, a local life. And those that are also among the 254 county seats often boast an architecturally significant county courthouse surrounded by 120 year-old buildings and settings of a beautiful town square. Life may not change much here, and may their historic preservation efforts remain successful.
Victoria County CourthouseGoliad CouthouseBuilding, Goliad Town SquareBuilding, Goliad Town SquareGonzales County CourthouseHat and Keys, Gonzales County JailJailcell Doors, Gonzales County JailGonzales Movie TheatreBuilding, Gonzales Town SquareMean's Wear Ad, GonzalesOld Coca Cola ad, Wallface, GonzalesEmporium, Gonzales"Come and Take It" Cannon; fired the first shot of the Texas Revolution for IndependenceGonzales Memorial MuseumWaxahatchie County CourthouseWaxahatchie County CourthouseThe Texas Theatre, Waxahatchie