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The heart of the West, the Four Corners area includes the iconic Monument Valley, the monolithic Shiprock volcanic feature, the beautiful and culturally important Canyon de Chelly National Monument, the moon-like landscape of the volcanics just east of Kayenta, and the fantasy features of the Bisti Badlands.
Valley of the Gods at Dusk, UtahRoad to Monument Valley, Hy 163, UtahHorses at Shiprock, New MexicoThe Goosenecks, San Juan RiverDouble Rainbow over Canyon de Chelly"Over Easy Please" Cracked Eggs, Bisti BadlandsMonument Valley, Shadows and MonumentsMonument Valley PanoSunrise at the Totem Pole, Monument ValleyRippled Sand, Totem Pole, Monument ValleyRattlesnake Tracks in The Early Morning, Monument ValleyDawn, Mitchell Mesa, Monument VallySunrise Panorama, Monument ValleyMonument Valley Sunrise Pan