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One of the great continuing cottage/small business industries is the Motel business. Kind of a fun photo collection, I would have to say that the most common name for a hotel is "The Sands". One of my favorite signs was for the Drifter Motel in Silver City NM, although the Satellite Motel in Alamogordo might be a close second.
The Sands, AlamogordoThe Sands, AlamogordoOld Holiday Inn, Marfa, TXSands Motel, Van Horn, TXWhite Sands Motel, AlamogordoSatellite Inn, AlamogordoThe Sands, South of CarrizozoRainbow Inn, CarrizozoThe Chaparrel Motel, Carrizozo, NMFrontier Motel, Cuba, NMPage Boy Motel, Page, AZAntlers Motel, Silverton, COAbandoned Motel, Van Horn, TexasAbandoned Motel, Van Horn, TexasFour Winds Motel, Carrizozo, NMexFour Winds Motel, Carrizozo, NMexLa Siesta, Oja, AZClassic Inn, Alamogordo, NMex