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First Sequoia, aka the Gray Ghost, original owner since February 2004. On October 5, 2015 I hit the 300,000 mile mark on my odometer in this trusty car!! This dependable car has not only taken us to every corner of its home state of Texas, but also to almost every corner of the Lower 48. St. Augustine Florida to Yellowstone Wyoming; Ajo Arizona to Gettysburg PA and Washington DC; The Gulf Coast to Lake Superior; the Outer Banks to Utah. The Gray Ghost tenure ended early June 2016 at 318,000 miles with a deer-hit. A "new" old Sequoia, starting with 100,000 miles on it, took over in late June.
In the Michigan Upper Peninsula, 2008On the Road to Richmond VA 2008On the Ferry to Okracoke Island, 2008At Surfside Beach, Texas, 2009On I-55 in Missouri, Heading to the Michigan UP, 2009In Moffat, Colorado, 2010Waving to Bikers on Hy 17 in Colorado by MoscaSomewhere in Colorado. April 2011In Buena Vista, 2011In Arches Nationl Park, 2011In Salt Flat, Texas, 2011Van Horn, Texas 2012By Guadelupe Mountains National Park, 2013No not the Sequoia, but I did fill it up here in SW Arizona 2013On the Park Road, White Sands Nat'l Monument, New Mexico 2013In the Middle of New Mexico, 2013Canyonlands NP Sunset from the Hood of the Sequoia, 2013In the San Luis Valley, Colorado, December 2013In Big Bend National Park, 2014In Big Bend NP 2014