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Wintry Hills at Blue Mesa (74.4%)A Turn in the Weather. (72.2%)The Course of the Imnaha (71.8%)Lone Sentinel (74.8%)The Cascades of the Presque Isle River (76.4%0Sunset at Lake of the Clouds (74.0%)Letting the Sun In (73.2%0Corn Lilies and Elk Mountains Crested Butte Land Trust 2021 Calendar Cover  (ILPOTY:Elk Mountain SunriseIntl Landscape Photo of the Year.   #225 of 3813.   (Aspen Stand and Shoots 82.6%)Angry Day (72.0%)Wild Iris Sunrise. (72.6%)Hanksville Badlands, Henry Mountains (B&W).  ILPOTY:  Lines in the Soil 75.2%)Bentonite Hills  Topographic Utah (74.2%Gated Abode (74.8%)Climbing the Golden Dunes (72.6%)